FMC-NET Networking Daughter Card

Product no.: FMC-NET
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FMC-NET card was designed to enable prototyping and evaluation of various networking designs by providing commonly used peripherals like Gigabit Ethernet, wireless WiFi/Bluetooth, optical fiber QSFP+ and others.

Four independent Gigabit ethernet PHY modules enable prototyping of the designs requiring multiple network ports such as switches and routers. Additionally the Ethernet PHY which is DP83867CR part from Texas Instruments supports the IEEE 1588 SOF time synchronization protocol needed in the industrial applications. Availability of QSFP+ and dual-band WiFi/Bluetooth module facilitates verification of complex and contemporary projects featuring optical fiber or wireless communication.

There are also 4x SATA connectors that can be used to connect storage or other SATA compliant devices or for debugging purposes.

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