I3C Protocol Exerciser and Analyzer (Full version)

Product no.: PGY-I3C-EX-PD (v1.1)

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Features of the PGY-I3C-EX-PD Fullversion:

  • Configurable as master or slave
  • Configure the BCR (Bus Characteristic Register), LVR (Legacy I2C Virtual Register) and DCR (Device Charateristic Register) register
  • Supports I2C slaves and masters
  • Generates various I3C / I2C SDR (Standard Data Rates) and HDR (High Data Rate Modes) packets
  • The device can switch up to TSP (Ternary Symbol Pure) or TSL (Ternary Symbol Legacy-inclusive bus) encoding flexibly (if available)
  • Variable I3C data speeds
  • Simultaneous generation of I3C traffic and protocol decoding of the bus
  • Timing diagram of the logged bus
  • List view of log activity
  • Error analysis in the protocol decoding
  • State machine view of the I3C package
  • Creation of Excerciser scripts that combine the generation of multiple data frames with different data speeds
  • USB2.0 / 3.0 host computer interface
  • Flexibility through upgrades - (support for future I3C bus versions)
  • Error injections like CRC errors, parity errors and ACK / NACK errors 


Multi-Domain View



The multidomain view of the PGY-I3C-EX-PD Full version offers a complete view of I3C protocol activity in a single graphical user interface. The user is able to set up the analyzer to generate I3C / I2C traffic using the user interface or a script. By setting different trigger conditions in the setup menu, the log activity can be recorded for a defined event and the transition between master and slave can be decoded. The decoded results can be displayed in the timing diagram and in the protocol window with autocorrelation. The state machine view enables the state machine to be switched between master and slave for design review. This comprehensive view of information makes it the best and most user-friendly solution for debugging I3C log activity in the industry.



Exerciser View



The PGY-I3C-EX-PD Full version supports the generation of I3C traffic using the user interface and script. The user can easily generate the traffic to test the DUT using the user interface. The script-based GUI can emulate all expected traffic in the real world including error injections. In this example script, the user can generate I3C traffic as follows:

  • Script line # 3 SET Dynamic Adress using slave static
  • Script line # 4: SETMWL with data parity error
  • Script line # 5: GETMWL with Command Parity Error
  • Script line # 6: ENTHDR0 DDR mode with CRC Error



Timing Diagram and Protocol List View

Prodigy Technovations I3C Timing Diagram and Protocol Listing View


The timing view offers a graphic representation of the SCL and SDA signals including the bus diagram. Overlaying log bits on the digital timing waveform makes debugging log decoded data easier. You can use the cursor and zoom functions to analyze the protocol in the timing diagram for timing errors.

Prodigy Technovations I3C Protocol-window


The log window contains the decoded package information for each status and all package details. The selected frame in the log list window is automatically correlated with the time view to display the timing information of the package.



Powerful Trigger Options

Prodigy Technovations I3C Powerful Trigger Capabilities


The PGY-I3C-EX-PD Full version supports automatic, simple and advanced trigger functions. The analyzer can trigger all protocol packages such as broadcast, direct or private message. The extended trigger function offers the flexibility to monitor several trigger states and to set several state trigger machines. The user can initiate a timer and trigger the set timer values.

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