Exchange program Multilink


Our PEmicro Multlink exchange program offers you a good opportunity to save money when buying a newer model, regardless of the age or any defects of the old device.

Gain capital from previous purchase of a multilink

Do you have an older multilink that does not support your current device or is not in good condition? Exchange it for a discount.

Access the latest features and technologies

The latest Multilink and Multilink FX debuggers offer many new functions and options in addition to the older Multilinks and Multilinks FX. Take advantage of these new functions by exchanging your Multilink.

Upgrade to Multilink FX

Use our Multilink trade-in program and upgrade your latest-generation Multlilink to Multilink FX at a reduced price.

Trading in Trading for Discount
Old Multilink Models* Multilink Universal 45€
Multilink Universal FX 90€
Multilink Universal Multilink Universal 70€
Multilink Universal FX 110€
Multilink Universal FX Multilink Universal FX 135€
Multilink MON08 Cyclone Universal 180€

*(MIL-12, ML-PPCBDM, ML-PPCNexus, ML-CFE, ML-16/32)


Program guidelines

  • The new unit must be an equivalent or the same model as the unit for which payment is paid.
  • The trade-in must take place before it is properly processed.
  • The trade-in unit can be in a working or non-working state.
  • The trade-in unit can be any version or age.
  • The trade-in belongs one to one (one debugger / programmer for another cannot have heard several).
  • Customers are responsible for shipping costs.
  • Protection is part of the shipment of all shipments through a traceable carrier
  • The rights are only processed when all trade-ins have been completed and the device to be monitored has been removed.