Siglent SHS810X Handheld Oscilloscope

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The SHS810X Handheld Oscilloscope

The SHS810X handheld oscilloscope is a high quality two-channel storage oscilloscope, which allows mobile use due to the available battery. The device has a sampling rate of 1 GSa/s, a bandwidth of up to 100 MHz and a memory depth of 12 Mpts.


 Five in one
Oscilloscope, DMM, data logger/recorder, serial trigger and decoding and FFT spectrum analysis.
Compact, battery-powered device for outdoor use
 Isolated Inputs
Housing insulation (SHS800X and SHS1000X) and channel insulation (SHS1000X only) enable earth-free measurements.



Featres of the SHS810X

The Siglent SHS810X have several powerful trigger modes, including serial bus triggering as well as free decoding for IIC, SPI, UART, CAN, LIN bus types. The Siglent SHS810X also include history waveform recording and sequential triggering for advanced waveform recording and analysis. 

Another powerful addition is the new 1-million-point FFT maths function, which gives the SHS very high frequency resolution when observing signal spectra. The Siglent SHS810X have built-in sample and measurement recorders. The sample recorder can achieve a maximum sampling rate of 25 kSa/s and record for up to 22 hours.

The Siglent SHS810X includes a 6000-count digital multimeter isolated from the oscilloscope that can measure dc/ac voltage, dc/ac current, resistance, capacitance, diodes and continuity. It also has a data logger function. The maximum voltage input for the analogue channels is CATII 300 Vrms. And the maximum input for the multimeter is CATIII 300 Vrms, CATII 600 Vrms. 

The operating time of the supplied battery is up to 5.5 hours, the battery is charged in the unit when connected to the power supply. For intensive use in the field, the purchase of one or more spare batteries is recommended. Weight of the unit 1.75 kg. The Siglent SHS810X has a well-designed and easy-to-use user interface, which at the same time offers extensive convenience functions for all measurement tasks.


Key Features

  • 6000 counter digital multimeter, supports DCV, ACV, DCI, ACI, resistance, diode, capacitance, continuity test.
  • 1 Mpts FFT. Supports peaks and markers.
  • 5.6 inch TFT LCD display with 640 * 480 resolution.
  • UL2054 certified lithium battery pack, 6900 mAh capacity, external charger.
  • Serial bus trigger & decoid for IIC, SPI, UART, CAN, LIN
  • 100 MHz bandwidth
  • 12 Mpts Memory depth
  • 2 channels





Intelligent TriggerSHS810X-back

The following trigger types are available for the SHS810X oscilloscope

  • Edge
  • Slope
  • Pulse width
  • Window
  • Run
  • Interval 
  • Timeout
  • Pattern










Recording length of up to 12 Mpts

With hardware-based zoom technologies and a maximum recording length of up to 12 Mpts, users can use oversamples to capture longer periods of higher resolution and use the zoom function to see more detail within each signal.



Up to 400,000 wfm/s signal acquisition rate

With a waveform capture rate of up to 400,000 Wfm/s (sequence mode), the oscilloscope can easily capture unusual or unlikely events.



256-step gradation & colour temperature display

The colour temperature display is similar to the intensity graded curve function, but the occurrence of the curve is represented by different colours (colour "temperature"). Red colours represent events that occur more frequently, while blue is used to mark points that occur less frequently.



Portable & easy operation

The front is smaller than A4 paper and reduces the size of the unit, the support frame on the back supports vertical placement, and the nylon side handles are convenient for handheld operation. The standard shoulder bag can hold the hull and probe and other accessories at the same time, making it easy to carry when going out.



IP rating:

The handheld oscilloscopes have a sealed, dust and drip-proof IP51 housing and have been tested according to IEC60529 to ensure the robustness required for use in harsh environments. A rubberised surface with large buttons facilitates use in challenging environments.



Higher level of protection, longer battery life

Rechargeable 6900 mA high capacity lithium battery. Up to 5.5 hours of operation without recharging, which greatly improves safety and battery life. The supplied carrying case provides ample space for the unit, probes and other accessories. Perfect for working on site and taking with you on business trips.





Serial decoding functions

The Siglent SHS810X displays decodes via the event list. Bus log information can be displayed quickly and intuitively in a table format.



1M points for the calculation of the FFT

The new mathematical co-processor enables FFT analysis of incoming signals with up to 1 million samples per waveform. This enables high frequency resolution with a fast update rate. The FFT function also supports a variety of window functions, allowing it to adapt to different spectrum measurement requirements.



Digital multimeter with 6000 counters

Digital multimeter with 6000 counters and the functions DCV, ACV (true effective value), DCI, ACI, diode, resistance, capacitance and continuity.




Sample Logger

The Sample Logger is the mode in which samples are recorded over a longer period of time. When many sample points need to be logged, they are stored in real time in the internal flash memory or on an external hard disk. After the logging is finished, the user can retrieve the sample points on the oscilloscope or analyse the stored data on the computer.



Measured values logger

The measured value logger logs measured values over a longer period of time. The amount of measurement data is too small to process it quickly. For this reason, the data is logged in the memory. After the logging is finished, the data can be stored in the internal flash memory or on an external U-disk.



SHS1000X Series

The SHS1000X series offers the added feature over the SHS800X series of having full isolation between the two oscilloscope channels, a multimeter channel, the power supply and the USB host/device port. The full isolation makes it ideal for laboratory and floating signal measurements as it reduces the risk of accidental short circuits.



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