Unit Library SDK for ARM® Cortex™-M processors

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The software package consists of an interface library (Windows DLL and Linux .SO) and sample code which allows a custom application to be built which can interact with and debug an ARM® Cortex™-M processors (ACMP) based system via one of PEmicro's hardware interfaces. This includes NXP's Kinetis®/S32 devices. The package includes both C/C++ and Delphi example routines as well as detailed calling information for the DLL/SO. The C and Delphi modules in the ACMP Hardware Interface Library Routines come as source code which interfaces with a DLL/SO to interface to the hardware. The ACMP Hardware Interface Library Routines library are very useful for building your own custom application to do such functions as product test, calibration, and update. The demo programs included in the package show you how to initialize the interface, program registers, download code to RAM and step through code. Starting with these programs it is easy to customize them to your specific requirements. Applications created with the included 32-bit .DLL will also operate on the 64-bit operating systems listed below under System Requirements.

Read more about simplifying product testing in PEmicro's Expert's Corner.

Key Features

  • Works with ARM Cortex-M devices, including the Kinetis L-Series
  • Works through PEmicro's Multilink debug probes, Multilink_FX debug probe, CYCLONE and  CYCLONE FX in-system programers, and Tracelink.
  • Note that the SDK will only work for devices supported by the specific PEmicro hardware interface you are using.
  • Provides Interface to Background Debug Mode
  • Included in the package are C/C++ and PASCAL modules
  • Source and executables provided for both C and PASCAL demos


Compilers supported


  • UNITACMP and UNITACMP_DIST: MicrosoftVisual C++ 5.0 or greater, Delphi 2.0 or greater
    • Development platform: Windows 32-bit, Linux 32-bit, and Linux 64-bit.
  • Very useful for building production line testers

UNITACMP includes a license to distribute the binaries (DLL/so and Drivers) of UNITACMP to up to five target PCs subject to the conditions of the license agreement. For a license to distribute to an unlimited number of PCs, see UNITACMP_DIST.

Kinetis is a registered trademark of NXP Semiconductors. ARM is a registered trademark and Cortex is a trademark of ARM, Limited. All other names are property of their respective owners.

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