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USB Development- & Testkit

Our USB Development & Debug Kit is the optimal solution to develop, debug and test USB transmissions, USB designs and connections. 
Customize the kit according to your development & test requirements.


The Beagle USB 12 is a distortion free full/low speed - USB protocol analyzer. Developers can monitor the data traffic on the bus. This with a bit-level timing information resolution of 21 ns.
Non-intrusive USB monitoring
The Beagle USB 12 Analyzer is galvanically isolated so it will not interfere with the system under test and will not skew the results. Simply connect the Beagle USB 12 inline to passively monitor full-speed and low-speed USB devices. It is also possible to monitor high-speed devices by connecting the device through a full-speed hub.
USB descriptor decoding
The class-level decoding feature of the Data Center software allows real-time decoding of USB descriptors for data captured with a Beagle USB 12 Protocol Analyzer. Full class-level decoding is available with the Beagle USB 480 Protocol Analyzer.
Nearly limitless data acquisition
Captured data is transferred directly to your computer via high-speed USB. The amount of data captured is limited only by the physical memory available on the instrument.
Real-time display
See in real time how your device interacts with the USB host. Don't waste time setting up complex triggers to capture data, only to find that the desired data was not captured.
With the Beagle USB 12 Protocol Analyzer, you can see the USB packets in real time. Other analyzers claim they can capture data in real time, but the Beagle analyzer is the only low-cost analyzer that lets you see USB packets as they are sent over the USB bus.
High-speed USB 2.0
USB bus-powered device
The Beagle USB 12 Analyzer is a bus-powered, high-speed USB 2.0 device. This offers two key advantages. As a high-speed device, all data collected by the Beagle USB 12 Analyzer is transmitted to the test computer at 480 Mbps. As a low power device, the Beagle USB 12 Analyzer does not require a power adapter. This makes the Beagle USB 12 Analyzer an ideal tool for engineers in the field. Simply plug it into a high-speed USB 2.0 port on your laptop and you're ready to go.
The Beagle USB 12 Protocol Analyzer comes complete with software. Additional discounts are available for larger quantities.
The low price makes it affordable for a company to provide each developer with their own analyzer. The benefits of having your own analyzer for each developer are:
Less wasted time because developers don't have to share analyzers or go to the lab to fix simple problems.
Less wasted time means higher productivity, as developers can quickly and easily identify and fix problems and have less downtime.
Higher productivity means shorter development cycles. Projects are completed on time and on budget.
If you save just a few hours of development time, the Beagle USB 12 analyzer has already paid for itself.
The Beagle monitor is fully field upgradeable via USB. Total Phase is committed to improving the Beagle USB analyzer and making these improvements available to our customers.
You never have to worry about not keeping up with the latest software features. Appropriate software and firmware upgrades are always available free of charge in the download section of this website.


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