Prototyping Boards

Prototyping Boards

This means whether the design belongs to an ASIC, ASSP or FPGA, design prototyping is a different verification method in every IC project. Prototyping can be done according to different designs in different act_rtsx_cq208_viewhardware configurations and technologies. In all cases, the management of FPGA rights has become de facto the versatility and maturity of FPGAs. The abundance of FPGA rights, the finding of the wrong FPGA parts, the number of DSP, RAM and logic administrations for those affected. In addition to the same basic elements that are obtained as basic elements, the new FPGAs are used. QSFP + and various like.


Building the prototyping platform from scratch with general FPGA minorities was also time consuming and risky.


RTAX / RTSX prototyping

Our RTAX / RTSX prototyping solution North is a reconfigurable platform for the space flight design systems Microsemi RTAX-S / SL, RTAX-DSP and RTSX-SU. Unique programmable OTP FPGAs that can be used for space access, the use of the Aldec prototype adapter Microsemi ™ ProASIC3E FPGAs, with the design of the current reflection, more switches, possible power consumption, non-volatile reprogrammability and more prototypes can optimize netlist.


FPGA Embedded Solutions

TySOM Embedded Systems Embedded systems have been in our cars, homes, cities, factories, etc. for years. They are included in professional tools as well as in personal devices and entertainment devices. Embedded systems have long been dominated by microcontrollers and DSP processors, often with FPGA parts that were used as glue or control logic for various peripheral devices such as sensors and actuators. The TySOM product line for embedded systems includes powerful embedded prototyping boards with which even more complex embedded systems can be created.



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