eVision Systems offers various services to support your project and your development, including quality assurance test measures such as cable or power supply tests, USB current consumption tests to determine the maximum current consumption and voltage supply, as well as programming services for all common IC types on the market.



USB Power Supply Test

We test the power supply capability of USB power supplies & USB ports. In addition to the power supply, we test USB ports for the correct transmission speed and data integrity within the USB specification.

> Power supply test service


Cable Test

To prevent serious errors and damage, we offer comprehensive cable tests for USB & video cables. We check the continuity of the contacts, the IR drop / DCR, the E-marker data and the signal integrity of the cables.

> Cable test service


Programming Service

We support the programming of EEPROMs, SPI Flashs, eMMC, Microcontroller & UFS etc. and a variety of housing types such as Dip, DIL, PLCC, SOIC, SOP etc. Simply send us your chip with the data to be programmed.

> Programming service




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