FMC Daughter Cards

Daughter cards provide extensions to HES or TySOM boards providing additional devices and peripherals not included in these boards. Due to using non-proprietary connectors like FMC or BPX the daughter cards can be reused across different hardware platforms.

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FMC-ADAS Automotive Daughter Card

Product no.: FMC-ADAS

The FMC-ADAS daughter card enables the prototyping of designs for vehicle and driver assistance systems with TySOM motherboards.

FMC-INDUSTRIAL Industrial Communication Daughter Card


The FMC-INDUSTRIAL card enables prototyping of industrial applications for which serial communication interfaces are required.

FMC-INTF Interface Daughter Card

Product no.: FMC-INTF

The FMC-INTF daughter card offers a good selection of commonly used peripheral devices such as PCIe, Gigabit Ethernet, USB and more.

FMC-IOT Internet-of-Things Daughter Card

Product no.: FMC-IOT

The FMC-IOT daughter card offers peripheral devices and interfaces that are used in embedded designs and are the key to IoT

FMC-NET Networking Daughter Card

Product no.: FMC-NET

The FMC-NET card enables prototyping of network designs by providing peripheral devices such as Gigabit Ethernet, WLAN and others.

FMC-NVMe High-Bandwidth, Low Latency Memory Expansion Card

Product no.: FMC-NVMe

FMC-NVMe expansion daughter card provides four NVMe interfaces (two on top and two on bottom side of the board). 

FMC-PCIe High-Bandwidth | High Throughput Serial Bus Daughter Card

Product no.: FMC-PCIe

The FMC PCIe expansion daughter card is used as a PCIe root complex and Nord has two PCIe x4 interfaces or one PCIe x8 interface.

FMC-QSFP High Speed Links Daughter Card

Product no.: FMC-QSFP

FMC-QSFP card provides QSFP+ and SFP+ extension of FPGA prototyping boards with standard FMC connectors. 

FMC-VISION Multimedia Daughter Card

Product no.: FMC-VISION

The FMC-VISION card offers multimedia interfaces for monitors and cameras, which are common in various designs such as embedded vision.


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