Storage Exerciser & Analyzer

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PGY-SSM SD/SDIO/eMMC Protocol Analyzer

Product no.: PGY-SSM

The PGY-SSM Protocol Analyzer supports SD, SDIO, and eMMC for data rates up to 200MHz DDR mode.

Product data sheet

PGY-SSMlite SD Protocol Analyzer | SD2.0 and SD3.0 (UHS-I)

Product no.: PGY-SSMlite SD

The PGY-SSMlite SD Protocol Analyzer supports SD for data rates up to 200MHz DDR mode. 

Product data sheet

PGY-SSMlite SDIO Protocol Analyzer | SDIO 2.0 SDIO4.0 (UHS-I)

Product no.: PGY-SSMlite SDIO

The PGY-SSMlite SDIO Protocol Analyzer supports SDIO for data rates up to 200MHz DDR mode. 

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PGY-UHS II SD/SDIO UHS II Protocol Analyzer

Product no.: PGY-UHS II

PGY-UHS-II Protocol Analyzer supports FD156 and HD312 data rate. 

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Universal Flash Storage 2.1 Protocol Analyzer

Product no.: PGY-UFS2.1-PA

The UFS Protocol Analyzer PGY-UFS2.1-PA capture and decode UFS2.1, MPHY 3.1, UniPro1.61 layer.

Product data sheet

Universal Flash Storage 3.1 Protocol Analyzer

Product no.: PGY-UFS3.0-PA

The UFS Protocol Analyzer PGY-UFS3.0-PA capture and decode UFS2.1/3.0, MPHY 3.1/4.1, UniPro1.61/1.8 layer.

Product data sheet

QSPI Exerciser & Protocol Analyzer

Product no.: PGY-QSPI-EX-PD

The PGY-QSPI-EX-PD is a QSPI protocol analyzer & host adapter with extensive functions for recording & debugging.

PGY-UFS 4.0-PA Protocol Analyzer

Product no.: PGY-UFS 4.0-PA

The PGY-UFS 4.0-PA protocol analyzer that provides multiple functions for log data acquisition and debugging data across MPHY, UniPro and UFS protocol layers.

Prodigy SD eMMC AC/DC Tester

Product no.: PGY-SSM-EV-Tester

Plus Vat for enduser and companies located in Germany