Cyclone ProCryption Security Application example


This article provides a step-by-step example for a company that wants to use the ProCryption Security custom encryption and restriction functionality for an image.​


Uses and reasons for use are:

  • Back up their programming images / IPs from their own source computers to their own PEmicro Cyclone programmers from an external manufacturer.
  • Restriction of production programming to a certain period
  • Generate your own custom encryption keys and provision with your PEmicro Cyclone ISP Programmer.



The company manufactures heart rate monitors for sports applications, including runners. You have just developed a new and more accurate model of your RunReady 2 heart rate monitor that you want to start making. SteadyBeat has its own Cyclone Programmer from an external manufacturer. These programmers are used to program different products currently produced by SteadyBeat.

When SteadyBeat set up manufacturing for the first time for the production of its products at the external manufacturer, they supplied the manufacturer with a series of Cyclone programmers, for which their own ImageKey (encryption key) "SteadyBeat_XYZ_Production" had already been provided.

Note: The process of creating and deploying a custom Cyclone Programmer AES / RSA image key is described at the end of this article.

SteadyBeat wants to achieve the following goals:

1. Make sure that the IPs included in the RunReady 2 programming data that they send to the XYZ production facility are safe from the source computer to their own Cyclone programmers at that location, regardless of how they are transmitted electronically or who they are Programming. The programming data should only be usable on your Cyclone programmers in this particular facility.

2. Limitation of the period in which the image can be used. This prevents an older image from being accidentally (or intentionally) used in the future.
To achieve both goals with this new product, the programming image for RunReady 2 must be encrypted with the existing ImageKey "SteadyBeat_XYZ_Production" and the appropriate image limitations added with respect to the date usage.

Quick Start Guide:

  • Select the ImageKey "SteadyBeat_XYZ_Production" as the encryption setting. (This will become the default until all images are generated.)
  • Add the date range limit 7/8 / 2019-11 / 8/2019 to the programming limits
  • Generate the image on disk and send it to XZY accordingly
  • More detailed instructions can be found in our Knowledge Base under PE Micro Products


Strong protection, easy implementation

This example shows how easy it is to take advantage of the security and control the ProCryption Security license offers the user's manufacturing process. Once configured, it works seamlessly on the production side. Cyclone users can protect valuable IP data without a difficult management process. PEmicro's Cyclone FX programmers have this powerful new technology. Cyclone LC users have the flexibility to simply add the license optionally and add it to their Cyclone.



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