I2C, SPI, and USB Tools for AVR Developers

The suitable USB tools for AVR and AVR32 as well as for serial buses for AVR microcontrollers.

Hardware vs software | Advantages of a USB Protocol Analyzer

While software USB analyzers are sometimes cheaper than their hardware-based relatives, eVision Systems offers hardware analyzers at competitive prices.

Advantages of using an I2C protocol analyzer over an oscilloscope

The ability to analyze accurately via I2C and SPI is of paramount importance for debugging at the system and hardware level.

What are the differences between DisplayPort vs HDMI?

HDMI and DisplayPort are the two recognized standards for transmitting video and audio data over a single cable. 

Differences between integrated circuit & microprocessor

A microprocessor combines the functions of a central processing unit (CPU) on a single integrated circuit or chip.

Differences between SPI EEPROMs & SPI Flash memory

In embedded systems, a storage device is a physical device that can store data that can be used to communicate or perform a specific function.

How DisplayPort Alt Mode is Enabled over a USB Type-C Cable

A USB Type-C cable connection can act as a USB host, USB device & as a DisplayPort video connection.