Komodo Firmware Utility


The Komodo GUI Software is a graphical application for use with the Komodo CAN Solo Interface or thedownload_button Komodo CAN Duo Interface. It provides access to the CAN functions of the Komodo interface in an easy-to-use graphical interface.

Features in Komodo GUI Software include:

  •     Batch mode
  •     Periodic messaging
  •     GPIO configuration interface
  •     and much more.


Detailed technical information about the Komodo GUI Software can be found in the User Manual.



Make CAN Easy

Complete access to the Komodo interface's features with just a click of a button.

Batch Mode

Batch Mode allows users to script CAN data patterns. Using a Python interface, users can define local variables and create branching and looping logic in their script. CAN captures in the Data Center Software can be exported as batch scripts and played back in the Komodo GUI Software.

Activity Board Mode

Interactively operate the CAN/I2C Activity Board Pro. The Komodo GUI Software provides instant feedback from the accelerometer, light sensor, temperature sensor, joystick, and more.

Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X compatible

The Komodo GUI Software was built from the ground up to be a cross-platform software suite. All the functionality of the Komodo GUI software works on Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X operating systems.


Total Phase is committed to improving the Komodo GUI and making these improvements available to our customers.

Activity Board Mode
The Activity Board mode of the Komodo GUI is designed specifically for the CAN/I2C Activity Board Pro. In this mode, the application polls the CAN devices and updates the GUI.      


General CAN Mode
The General CAN mode allows users to send and receive data on a CAN bus. Given a specific time interval, the Komodo GUI software can send messages on a regular, periodic basis. All CAN packets, events and errors are shown in the transaction log.

Batch Mode
The Batch mode allows users to specify specific CAN data packets to be transmitted on the bus. The batch script language is based on Python which allows for the use of local variables and control structures such as if/else and for/while looping.         


GPIO Configuration
The GPIO settings of the Komodo interface can be configured with an easy-to-use graphical interface