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Automotive Audio Bus (A2B) from Analog Devices, enables the next generation of infotainment systems in the fast-changing automotive industry. A2B helps enables multiple applications such as voice recognition and active noise cancellation.
The Automotive Audio Bus from Analog Devices provides a multichannel, I2S/TDM link over distances of up to 15 meters between nodes. 

The A2B bus system uses a single, differential wire cable (unshielded twistet pair cable) that carries bidirectional synchronous data, clock, control data, and a power supply. A2B supports daisy-chained nodes a and a direct point-to-point connection.

A2B is a single-master, multiple-slave system where the transceiver chip at the host controller is the master. It generates clock, synchronization, and framing SYNC for all slave nodes. You can configure the master A2B chip over the control bus (I2C). An extension of this control bus is embedded in the A2B data stream, allowing direct access  of  registers and status information on slave transceivers as well as I2C-to-I2C communication.


Less Cables – More efficiency 

The A2B bus delivers high fidelity audio while increasing fuel efficiency, thanks to upward of 75% less cabling weight. A2B connects multiple remote sensors for different applications in a daisy chain sequence, reducing redundant cabling runs. As a result, the weight of the cable harness is reduced, while overall design costs and complexity for the design, installation and maintenance are reduced due to the need for fewer cables. Furthermore the A2B technology can supply power to other devices in the daisy chain, eliminating the need for local power supplies. This is reducing the total system cost further.


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A2B Bus Monitor - Level 1 Application with Promira Serial Platform

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A2B Adapter Board Enclosure

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A2B Adapter Board

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A2B Cable: Mini50 to Tinned Ends - 1m

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A2B Cable: Mini50 to DuraClik - 30 cm

Product no.: TP510910

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