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Cyclone Power Pack

Product no.: Cyclone_PowerPack

Wiederaufladbarer Akku für die Cyclone-Stand-Alone-Programmierer

129.00 *
Product data sheet

STM8 Adapter for Cyclone Universal and Cyclone Universal FX

Product no.: CU-CUFX-STM8-ADPT

PEmicro's Cyclone Universal and Cyclone Universal FX support STMicroelectronics STM8 devices. This optional adapter converts from a standard 6-pin target header to a 4-pin ERNI connector.

99.00 *

14-Pin Berg to 38-Pin Mictor Adaptor

Product no.: BERG14-TO-MICTOR38

14-Pin Berg to 38-Pin Mictor Adaptor

50.00 *

26-pin Synchronous ColdFire Ribbon Cable Adapter


The 26-pin synchronous adapter has integrated electronics to synchronize the ColdFire debug communication signals to the PSTCLK signal generated from a ColdFire target.

50.00 *

Advanced Cyclone Control Suite Upgrade License

Product no.: LIC-CYC-CTRL-ADV

Activates Advanced Automated Programming features on Cyclone Programmer

139.00 *
Product data sheet

CYCLONE SDHC Port Activation License

Product no.: LIC-CYC-SDCARD

SDHC port activation for external storage on Cyclone Programmer

139.00 *

26-pin female-to-female ribbon cable for ColdFire V2/3/4

Product no.: CAB_RIBBON_26-PIN_FF

26-pin female-to-female ribbon cable for ColdFire V2/3/4 devices. Please note that this ribbon cable cannot be used with devices that instead require a synchronous cable adapter, such as the MCF5272, MCF5206, and MCF5206E.

15.00 *