Prodigy Technovations

Prodigy Technovations

Prodigy Technovations is a leading global technology provider of Protocol Decode, and PHY layer testing solutions on Test & Measurements equipments. The company's ongoing efforts include successful implementation of innovative and comprehensive protocol decode solutions as well as PHY Layer testing solutions that span the serial data, telecommunications, automotive, and defence electronics sectors worldwide.



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I3C Protocol Exerciser and Analyzer

Product no.: PGY-I3C-EX-PD

PGY-I3C-EX-PD is the leading instrument that enables the design and test engineers to test the I3C designs for its specifications by configuring PGY-I3C-EX-ED as master/slave, generating I3C traffic with error injection capability and decoding I3C Protocol decode packets.

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Universal Flash Storage 2.0 Protocol Analyzer

Product no.: PGY-UFS2.0-PA

MPHY, UniPRO, UFS Protocol Analyzer

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