USB Power Delivery

USB Power Delivery Specification

USB Power Delivery is a specification of USB that enables devices to be supplied with up to 100 watts. The voltage can be regulated for the first time with Power Delivery and can be either the 5V standardized for the USB bus as well as 12V or 20V. The voltage on USB is always 5 V when connecting a device, but can be increased to 12 V or 20 V using serial protocol after negotiations between the device and the host. The removable current can also be queried via the serial protocol. This means that devices with high power requirements can also be operated, e.g. Printer, scanner, laptop etc. Another innovation is the release of the flow direction of the energy supply. This means that a PC can power a printer or the printer can power the PC. Above all, this reduces the number of cables required.


Tools for Debbug and Develop USB Devices

The Passmark USB Power Delivery Tester is a tool to test the power supply capability of USB ports or USB chargers. With this you can check whether a host is able to deliver the specified performance without errors, whether the voltage values ​​remain under specification under high load or determine the exact power consumption of USB devices. When used simultaneously with the USB 3.0 Loopback plug from Passmark, the communication speed, data integrity and the power supply of the USB connections can be tested at the same time.

The USB Type-C connector and USB Power Delivery, the specification for charging via USB electronic devices with up to 100 watts, are the two most important developments at USB for years. The USB Power Delivery (PD) Analyzer is connected using Type C and passes signals via CC1 and CC2 and is able to monitor the PD traffic between a Type C source and Type C sink. Thus, the USB-PD Power Deliery Analyzer from Total Phase is the ideal tool to analyze and monitor data traffic on CC lines and the voltage and currents on VBUS and VCONN.

The Advanced Cable Tester can check the Rp / Rd values ​​of the cable. Together with the Advanced Cable Tester, you can monitor and collect all the data necessary for compliance with USB and cable specifications.