An eMMC (embedded Multi Media Card) is an energy and space-saving storage medium specified by the JEDEC and based on the MMC standard, which was developed for use as internal data storage in mobile devices. In terms of performance, this memory is comparable to an SD card and is therefore installed in compact end devices. Since the eMMC is bootable, this storage medium is also suitable for operating systems such as Android, Chrome OS, iOS or Windows. The storage size ranged from 256 GB in 2017. eMMC, especially for smartphones, are increasingly being replaced by UFS, which achieve significantly higher write and read speeds.

The Prodigy eMMC Protocol Analyzer is a multifunctional solution for capturing and debugging the communication between the host and the memory to be tested. It is the first eMMC protocol analyzer in the industry that supports the specifications of versions 4.41, 4.5.1, 5.0 and 5.1.

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PGY-SSM SD/SDIO/eMMC Protocol Analyzer

Product no.: PGY-SSM

The PGY-SSM Protocol Analyzer supports SD, SDIO, and eMMC for data rates up to 200MHz DDR mode.

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