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BNC cable

Product no.: BNC cable

BNC terminated coaxial cable (1 m length)

8.45 *


Product no.: SDG-6000X-IQ

SDG6000X IQ modulation activation license. Unlocks the IQ modulation capabilities for SDG6000X series AWGs.

583.00 *


Product no.: ATT-20dB

20 dB Attenuator

52.00 *


Product no.: SDS-5000X-1553B

MIL-STD-1553B trigger & decode

289.00 *

Generator Power Amplifier

Product no.: SPA1010

Increase the voltage and current output capabilities to generators like the SIGLENT SDG family

359.00 *

Isolated channel module (ISFE)

Product no.: ISFE

Add isolated inputs to your oscilloscope

121.00 *
Product data sheet


Product no.: SDS-5000X-16LA

16 channel logic analyser (Software)

369.00 *

Oscilloscope Demonstration Board

Product no.: STB-3

Oscilloscope Demonstration Board Provides standard (Sine, Square), pulse (PWM, Burst), and serial (I2C, SPI, UART, LIN, and CAN) outputs.

189.00 *


Product no.: SDS-5000X-2BW05

350 MHz to 500 MHz bandwidth upgrade (2-ch model) 

2,829.00 *

Siglents External Arbitrary Waveform Generator

Product no.: SAG1021

external Wavegenerator hardware module

139.00 *


Product no.: SDS-5000X-2BW10

500 MHz to 1 GHz bandwidth upgrade (2-ch model)

1,359.00 *

Current Probes

Product no.: Stromsonden

Easy Measure current with your Siglent oscilloscope


Product no.: SDS-5000X-4BW05

350 MHz to 500 MHz bandwidth upgrade (4-ch model) 

3,019.00 *

USB-GPIB adapter

Product no.: USB-GPIB adapter

Converts GPIB communications to USB and Enables GPIB communications for some SIGLENT instrumentation.

135.00 *

High Voltage Probe

Product no.: HPB4010

40 MHz passive probe for high voltages

High voltage differential probe

Product no.: Hochspannungsdifferenzsonde

Measure floating circuits/three phase systems


Product no.: SLA1016

1 set of digital logic probes

288.00 *

Logic Probe hardware kit

Product no.: SPL2016

Logic Probe hardware kit for the SDS5000X series of oscilloscopes.

319.00 *


Product no.: SDS-5000X-4BW10

500 MHz to 1 GHz bandwidth upgrade (4-ch model)

2,059.00 *

USB Wifi Adapter

Product no.: TL_WN725N

SIGLENT Approved  WiFi adapter for use with the SDS1000X-E four channel series only.


42.00 *


Product no.: SDS-5000X-CANFD

CAN FD trigger and decode

289.00 *


Product no.: SDS-5000X-FG

Waveform generator software

249.00 *


Product no.: SDS-5000X-FlexRay

FlexRay trigger & decode

289.00 *


Product no.: SDS-5000X-I2S

I2S trigger & decode

289.00 *

SDS1000X-E WiFi activation license

Product no.: SDS1000X-E-WIFI

WiFi activation license for SDS1000X-E four channel series only

60.00 *


Product no.: SDS1000X-E-16LA

MSO activation license for SDS1000X-E four channel series only

95.00 *


Product no.: SDS1000X-E-FG

Optional Waveform Generator software license

95.00 *


Product no.: SDS2000X-E-16LA

16 channel logic analyser software

109.00 *


Product no.: SDS2000X-E-FG

Waveform Generator software

109.00 *

SDS2000X-E-WIFI Lizenz

Product no.: SDS2000X-E-WIFI
79.00 *