USB Power Delivery Analyzer

USB Power Delivery Analyzer

Evaluation and measuring of USB Power Delivery and Type-C Cables

The USB Power Delivery Analyzer acts as a pass through of signals through CC1 and CC2. It is able to monitor the PD traffic between a Type-C Source and Type-C Sink.  The Advanced Cable Tester can check Rp/Rd values of the cable. This way, you can monitor and collect all the data you need for the evaluation for your customer.

Monitoring Flash Drive Power Delivery Using USB Power Delivery Analyzer, Sigrok and PulseView

Monitoring USB Type C Laptop and USB Type C Flash Drive is a common use case for the USB Power Delivery Analyzer.

Sending a Packet with the USB Power Delivery Analyzer

This document describes how to enable the pull-down resistors in the USB Delivery Analyzer and send single packets. These instructions apply only to the USB Power Delivery Analyzer.While this function is available, it is unsupported and has not been extensively tested.

This procedure will cause an attached Type-C power supply to enable VBUS at 5V, and let you send data to it.

Voltage and Current Measurements with the USB PD Analyzer

With the latest version of the USB Power Delivery Analyzer you can measure the voltage and current on several of the signal lines in the USB Type C connector and record the changes in the Total Phase Data Center tool.