ATTEN AT937A 65 Watt CNC soldering station

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Soldering station with 65 watt AT937A

The ATTEN AT937A 65W soldering station is an analog soldering station with a 65 W heating element for temperatures from 200 - 480 ° C. The light soldering iron is well suited for long periods of work at precise and stable temperatures.


AT937A soldering station

The 65W power heats up the soldering tip quickly, achieving a temperature stability of 2 ° C. The temperature can be easily set using the rotary knob and the red LED in the upper right corner of the station, which flashes when the desired temperature has been reached. This product comes with a conical tip 0.5mm in diameter. You can find suitable soldering tips under accessories

The station offers all the basic functions that are necessary for professional soldering work and is the perfect addition to any workplace.






  • MCU-controlled temperature calibration equipped with PID system.
  • Heat-resistant material heating with a long service life.
  • The station uses a low voltage AC source to prevent the occurrence of interference, leakage and static electricity.
  • Constant temperature setting of 200 ~ 480 ℃.
  • Fast heating.
  • Comfortable handle, suitable for long-term use.
  • Temperature lock to avoid temperature adjustment.
  • Separate soldering iron holder for more flexibility








Technical specifications


Model AT937A
Power 65 Watt
Temperature range 200°C - 480°C
Temperature range for calibration ±50°C
Temperature stability 2°C
Heater Quad-core stainless steel
ESD Safe
Tip-to-ground impedance < 2 Ohm
Tip-to-ground voltage < 2 mV
Dimensions 140 x 113 x 80mm
Weight 1.8 Kg
Channels 1
Voltage 230 V / 50 Hz  / 60 Hz
RoHS Conform










AT937A User Manual

Download User Manual
20. June








Included Components Optional Components
1x AT937A T900 soldering iron tips
1x Soldering tip 900M-T-B (0.5mm conical)
1x Soldering iron holder
1x Sponge

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