Micsig DP10007 High Voltage Differential Probe

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The Micsig DP10007 is from the new series of low-cost differential probes from Micsig. With this probe you can use your conventional grounded oscilloscope to measure floating signals of up to 700 V differential and common mode voltage in 100:1 mode. This is particularly useful when developing power supplies, motor drivers and working with electronic ballasts. Thanks to the high dielectric strength of the probe, you can make measurements on the mains without damaging the oscilloscope.

The probe is easily powered via USB, a common interface for all modern oscilloscopes and computers. This makes the probe a very portable tool and eliminates the need for a special adapter module.


Model Overview

Model D10007 DP750-100 DP10013 DP20003
Max. Voltage ±700 V im 100:1 Mode ±750 V bei 500:1 Mode ±1300 V im 500:1 Mode ±5600 V at 2000:1 Mode
Attenuation 10:1, 100:1 50:1, 500:1 50:1, 500:1 200:1, 2000:1
Bandwidth 100 MHz 100 MHz 100 MHz 100 MHz




Bandwidth 100 MHz
Channels 1
Rise Time 3.5 ns
Attenuation x10, x100
Total Range(DC+ACpp) 70 V (10x)
700 V (100x)
Max input voltage (compared to ground) 1000 V, CAT I
≤ -80 dB (50 Hz)
≤ -60 dB (20 KHz)
≤ -50 dB (1 MHz)
≤ -40 dB (10 MHz)
Output Voltage ≤ 7 V
Power Supply USB (5V), 1.25 W
Cable length Input: 45 cm
Output: 90 cm
Dimensions 145 x 60 x 27 mm


Delivery Content

1x pair of crocodile clips
1x pair of test prods
1x pair of test hooks
1x USB cable
1x case



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