HT3545 High Speed DC Resistance Meter

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Resistance tester series HT3545

The HT3545 precision DC resistance tester is one of the most precise DC resistance testers in the industry. The minimum resolution of the HT3545 DC resistance tester is 0.01 μΩ. Its base accuracy of 0.01% is well suited for inverter motor inspection and other areas that require high resolution resistance measurement. The HT3545 has high-speed test cable anomaly detection and extremely short measurement cycles with a maximum sorting speed of 2.2 measurements per second.




Main features of the HT3545 series

  • Thermoelectric Compensation (OVC)
  • Test range 0.01μΩ to 1200 MΩ
  • Resistance measurement with low power
  • Test the broken wire detection function, suitable for OS inspection of automatic production lines
  • D / A output
  • Automatic test function
  • I / O port for external control, RS-232 interface, Ethernet port, temperature test interface, analog input and output port, particularly suitable for supporting automatic devices for performing automatic tests.





Cable detection function

Each test end is divided into 2 test leads and a constant current source is added between the test leads. If the DUT is short-circuited at the end of the test, the current source outputs a low level, otherwise a high level. To check whether the test object or test lead is making good contact.



Broken test leads and poor contact with the device under test lead to incorrect assessments of the insulation test, which can lead to defective products on the market. To prevent this kind of situation, the device have a standard contact checking function that can report the disconnection or bad contact to prevent the above situation.




In the case of some printed circuit boards with high requirements in the aerospace industry, automotive electronics, etc., it is necessary to test their vias and conductor paths. With the support of multi-channel switching devices, the HT3545 precision resistance tester offers sampling and switching at a speed of 2 ms per channel.





Areas of application of the HT3545 series

The single channel tester HT3545 is applied to small signal contacts, small fuses, lines, small magnetic parts, motor coils, transformer coils, magnet coils, chokes, wiring harnesses, connectors, relay contacts, fuses, resistors, conductive coatings, conductive rubber.

  • Suitable for resistance tests that require high accuracy
  • Used for testing high speed and multi-test point resistors
  • When sorting large quantities of electronic components quickly
  • For resistance measurement of materials with high, medium and low conductivity.
  • Suitable for characterizing the low resistance properties of electromechanical components under the conditions of low current of 100 mA and low open circuit voltage of 30 mV





Other Applications





Measurement of cable resistance




Measurement of motor resistance



Electr. Components

Measurement of resistance of electronic components




Measuring sensor resistances






Model overview of the HT3545 series

Model HT3545
Channels 1
Display 8,9cm TFT-LCD Display
Measurement parameters DC Resistance
Scope of testing 10mΩ~10MΩ,12 ranges
Current (measurement) DC 1A-0.5uA
Measurement accuracy ± 0.01% measured value. ± 0.001% f.s.
Measuring range 10mΩ/100mΩ/1000mΩ/10Ω/100Ω/1000Ω/10kΩ/100kΩ/1000kΩ/10MΩ/100ΜΩ/1000ΜΩ
Measuring speed FAST(2.2ms), MED(50Hz:21ms,60Hz:18ms), SLOW1(102ms),SLOW2(202ms)
Maximum test current DC 1A | Max 5,5 V
Temperature Range -10 ° C ~ 99.9 ° C | Accuracy ± 0.5 ° C
Correction Short circuit reset
Comparator HIGN / IN / LOW sorting, 10 bin-out
Trigger modes Internal / external / bus / manual trigger
Internal data storage Support with PC software and storage in the PC
Signal source AC 1kHz | Test current: <150mA
Resolution 0,01μΩ
Other Functions Temperature correction, line frequency setting
Interfaces External I/O, Analog, LAN, RS232
Storage Support with PC software and storage in the PC
Power supply Voltage: 100VAC ~ 256VAC | Frequency: 50Hz ~ 60Hz;
Dimensions & weight 325mm (L) x 215mm (W) x 96.5mm (D) | 2 kg







HT3545 Datasheet

Download Datasheet

30. June



HT3545 User Manual

Download User Manual

30. June




Delivery Content

Included Components
1x Resistance tester HT3545
1x Power Cord
1x Test Cable
1x RS232 Cable
1x User Manual
1x certificate of calibration and testing




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