HT3554 Portable Battery Analyzer Series

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Battery tester series HT3554

The HT3554 series battery testers are designed to meet the latest measurement requirements of the battery industry. The HT3554 series handheld internal resistance battery testers are ideal tools for accurate internal resistance and voltage testing of batteries in the battery industry. As a handheld device, HT3554 portable battery testers are lighter and smaller than benchtop devices, but the accuracy and speed are identical to those of benchtop devices, as the devices use the same circuit design as the HT3563 benchtop device widely used in the industry. The device has high resolution, high stability, short test cycles, modern appearance, powerful functions and numerous interfaces. The HT3563 series guarantees high-precision internal battery resistance testing with a resolution of 0.1 uΩ as well as 10 uV.



Key features of the HT3554 series

  • Specially designed for online measurement of UPS (United States UPS) batteries.
  • High stability, high resolution design, highest voltage resolution 0.1mV and internal resistance resolution 0.001mΩ.
  • Excellent anti-interference performance. When the device receives EMF shock, it will automatically break the test loop.
  • HT3554 Use the latest anti-jamming technology to effectively suppress 1/f noise.
  • Portable devices with high precision
  • High-speed sampling test with a minimum response time of 10ms
  • Test voltage depending on model 60V / 100V / 300V / 1000V
  • High resolution resistance and voltage adjustment
  • Export of data to internal memory
  • Maximum test speed 20 measurements / second
  • maximum resistance resolution 0.1uΩ, minimum voltage resolution 10uV
  • low impedance measurement with high precision (AC four-pole)







User Interface

HT3554 Battery Tester Command Interface




HT3554 Battery tester measurement settings




Battery tester Comparator settings




Application areas of the HT3554 series

  • High Voltage Battery and Battery Module Inspection
  • High-speed mass production inspection of various batteries
  • Inspection of large, medium and small (low resistance) components and high volume production inspection
  • Special inspection of fuel cell stacks
  • Research and development measurements for batteries
  • Simultaneous testing of internal resistance (IR) and battery voltage (OCV) at high speed
  • Suitable for various battery types on the market, such as: Lead-acid batteries, nickel-metal hydride batteries, lithium batteries, nickel-chromium batteries, lithium batteries.
  • Application test examples are e-bike batteries, cable rod batteries, button batteries & more.




Other applications




Lithium batteries

Messung von einzelnen Batteriezellen



Battery pack

Messung von in Reihe geschalteten Akkupacks



Forklift batteries 

Batteriewiderstands & Spannungtests




E-vehicle batteries

Test von Elektrofahrzeugbatterien



UPS (USV) Batteries

UPS batteries test



E-bike batteries test

Test of accumulators of e-bikes




Model overview of the HT3554 series

Model HT3554 HT3554A HT3554B HT3554D

Performance characteristic

Especially suitable for online measurement of UPS (UPS) batteries

Accuracy and speed equal to those of benchtop testers


Resistance range 0,001mΩ ~ 3,1Ω 0,0001mΩ ~ 30Ω
Resistance accuracy ±1% ±0.5%
Voltage range 10μV~60V 10μV~100V 10μV~300V 10μV~1000V
Voltage accuracy ±0,05% ±0,02
Display 10,9cm TFT-LCD Display
Measurement parameters ESR | DCV
Signal source Measuring current frequency 1KHz | open circuit voltage 5V | test current <150mA
Measuring range 3mΩ / 30mΩ / 300mΩ / 3Ω / 30Ω (A/B/D model) | Auto and manual modes are available in each range
Measuring Speed Short circuit reset for all ranges
Correction Short circuit reset for all ranges
Comporator 200 data records
Trigger modes Internal / auto
Interfaces USB with export function
Power supply 12V/1700mAh lithium battery, AA (LR6) Alkaline Batteries x 8
Dimensions & Weight 208 mm (L) x120mm (B) x 52.5mm (T) | 0.81kg








HT3554 Datasheet

Download Datasheet

30. June



HT3554 User Manual

Download User Manual

30. June




Delivery Content

Included Components
1x HT3554 series battery tester
1x Power Cable
1x Test Cable
1x User Manual
1x Lithium Battery
1x Carrier bag
1x Certificate of calibration and testing






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