HT3561 Battery Internal Resistance Tester

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Battery tester series HT3561

The high-precision battery internal resistance test series HT3561 was developed for the latest measurement requirements in the battery industry. The device is suitable for testing low resistance batteries, high capacity lithium battery packs and precise quality inspection in the production line.

The HT3561 series guarantees high-precision testing of the internal battery resistance with a resolution of 0.01 mΩ at a maximum test voltage of 20 V and a minimum feedback time of 15 mS. Equipped with an RS232 interface and HANDLER interface, the HT3561 offers automation functions for integration in test and production lines.



Main features of the HT3561 series

  • High-speed scanning test with a minimum response time of 15ms for quick sorting in the production line
  • Test voltage of up to 20V possible for testing the performance of the battery pack
  • High definition resistance and voltage adjustment
  • Anti-interference function protects against measurement inaccuracies from interference
  • Export of data to internal storage
  • Maximum test speed 66 measurements / second




The HT3561 battery tester is suitable for the following applications:

  • High precision lithium battery internal resistance testing and automatic voltage detection.
  • Support of automatic test equipment for use in test lanes
  • Evaluation of battery degradation status and lifetime
  • Super capacitor ESR testing







Simple and clear user interface




Simple and clear user interface & precise display.



Battery pack

Measurement of batteries and packs connected in series.



Auto Test

Detection of internal battery resistance and voltage





Technical specifications


Series HT3561
Display 8,9cm TFT-LCD Display
Measurement parameters equivalent series resistance (ESR), V (DC)
Resistance accuracy 0,5%
Resistance range 0,01mΩ - 3,1Ω
Voltage accuracy 0,01%
Voltage range 0,1mV - 20V
Signal source Measuring current frequency 1kHz | Open circuit voltage 7V | Test current <10mA
Measuring range 2 different ranges - 300mΩ, 3Ω, automatic and manual test mode in the entire bandwidth
Measuring speed 66 measurements / second | 30 M / s | 10 M / s | 3 m / s
Calibration Short circuit reset for all areas; REL function
Comparator 30 data records, 4 sorting levels, counting of the number of sorts per level
Trigger modes Internal/manual( optional external trigger)
Interfaces RS-232C, Handler (SPS-Interface), LAN (optional)
Power Supply 90V~250V | Frequenz: 47Hz~400Hz
Dimensions & Weigh 325 mm (W) x 215 mm (B) x 96,5 mm (D) | 3kg









HT3561 Datasheet

Download Datasheet
30. June



HT3561 User Manual

Download User Manual
30. June




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Included Components Optional Components
1x HT3561  Multi Channel Scanning Card
1x Power Cord

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