HT3563 Battery Analyzer Series

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Battery Analyzer series HT3563

With the rapid development of electronic products such as cell phones, laptops, new electronic vehicles, and other portable electronic devices, there is an increasing demand for the manufacture of batteries. The difficulty with testing high voltage batteries is that the high voltage affects the internal circuit through the isolation capacitor CS, and the reduced capacitance value reduces the effects of the high voltage on the internal circuits, but too high a capacitive reactance results in an excessively high open circuit voltage which is the damage the human body and the battery itself. Thanks to the high-precision and functional design of the HT3653A, the Hope Instrument battery tester is the tailor-made solution for your internal battery resistance and voltage test, small-scale battery formation, capability assessment, battery pack test, etc.


Battery analyzer of the HT3563 series have been developed for the new measurement requirements of the battery industry. They are especially suitable for measuring use in low-resistance batteries, large lithium battery packs and for quick product sorting in production lines. The HT3563 series is able to simultaneously check the internal resistance (IR) and the battery voltage (OCV) at high speed. The device has a high resolution, good stability, short test cycles, a modern look, powerful functions and multiple interfaces. The HT3563A series battery anlayzer is supplied as standard with an RS232 / RS485 / LAN and I / O interface, which is particularly suitable for supporting automatic devices when performing automatic tests. The HT3563 series guarantees high-precision testing of the internal battery resistance with a resolution of 0.1 uΩ and 10 uV.



Main features of the HT3563 series

  • High-speed scanning test with a minimum response time of 10ms
  • Test voltage depending on the model 60V / 300V / 800V / 1000V
  • High definition resistance and voltage adjustment
  • Anti-interference function protects against measurement inaccuracies caused by interference
  • Export of data to internal storage
  • Maximum test speed 100 measurements / second
  • maximum resistance resolution 0.1uΩ, minimum voltage resolution 10uV
  • Measure with low resistance and high precision (AC four-pole)
  •  Automatic test functions available





User Interface

HT3563 Battery Tester command interface




HT3563 battery tester measurement settings




Battery tester comparator settings





Areas of application of the HT3563 series

  • Inspection of high voltage batteries and battery modules
  • High speed mass production inspection of various batteries
  • Inspection of large, medium and small (low-resistance) components and high-volume inspection
  • Special testing of fuel cell stacks
  • Research and development measurements for batteries
  • Simultaneous testing of internal resistance (IR) and battery voltage (OCV)




Other Applications




Battery cells

Measurement of individual battery cells



Battery pack

Measurement of battery packs connected in series



Auto Test

Battery resistance & voltage detection




Rapid charging station

Test of rapid vehicle charging stations



Charging Piles

Functional tests of vehicle charging stations



Storage batteries

Test of storage batteries




Model overview of the HT3563A series

Model HT3563 HT3563A HT3563B HT3564
Voltage range 10μV~60V 10μV~300V 10μV~800V 10μV~1000V
Voltage accuracy 0,01%
Display 8,9cm TFT-LCD Display
Measurement parameters ACR | DCV
Resistance accuracy 0,3%
Resistance Range 0,01mΩ - 3,1Ω
Signal source Measuring current frequency 1kHz | Open circuit voltage 5V | Test current <100mA
Measuring range 3mΩ / 30mΩ / 300mΩ / 3Ω / 30Ω / 300Ω / 3KΩ | Auto and manual modes are available in each area
Measuring speed 100 measurements/second | 50 M/s | 20 M/s | 3 m/s
Calibration Short circuit reset for all areas
Comparator 30 Data records | 4 sorting levels
Trigger modes external / Internal / bus trigger / manual( optional external trigger)
Interfaces RS-232/485, Handle (PLC interface), USB, Ethernet
Power (max) 15W
Power supply 90V~250V |  47Hz~400Hz
Dimensions & weight 325 mm (L) x 215 mm (B) x 96,5 mm (T) | 3kg




Multi-channel models of the HT3563 series

Model HT3563/A-12H (Relay) HT3563/A-12H (MOSFT) HT3563/A-24H (MOSFT) HT3563/A-24H (Relay)
Channels 12 24
Test application Battery packs connected in series Individual battery cells Individual battery cells Battery packs connected in series
Performance characteristics Slower speed & electr. High pressure resistors High sampling rate & long-lasting MOSFT High sampling rate & long-lasting MOSFT Slower speed & electr. High pressure resistors



Areas of application of the multi-channel models

  • Automatic sorting system for lithium batteries
  • Multiple battery packs
  • Simultaneous measurement of several batteries
  • Measurement of electric vehicle battery packs




Multi-channel models HT3563 / A-12H / 24H



The multi-channel models HT3563 -12H / 24H carry out the internal resistance and voltage sorting test of a 24-channel battery precisely and quickly. Based on the identical test circuit of the HT3563 model, the test speed and accuracy of this device are industry leaders.

The multi-channel resistance tester HT3563A can be used for both the single-channel test and the multi-channel test

If the battery requires more than 24-channel tests, or more channels are required for multi-channel sorting, or tests are required for several batteries, the external multi-channel scanning card is the perfect solution for you. The card can be used for 10 - 64 channels.





Delivery Content

Included Components Optionale Komponenten
1x battery analyzer of the series HT3563 Multi Channel Scanning Card
1x Power Cord
1x Test Cabel
1x RS232 Cabel
1x User Manual
1x certificate of calibration and testing









HT3563 Datasheet

Download Datasheet

30. June



HT3563 User Manual

Download User Manual

30. June


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