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PEmicro's Cyclone LC in-system programmers may be upgraded with a security hardware license to unlock the same powerful protection and security features as the Cyclone FX. First, it allows users to place protection on their programming images to restrict image used by data, programs allowed or a number of programming failures. It also allows users to create RSA/AES encrypted programming images that use their own uniquely generated ImageKey. These images may only be used to program on Cyclones that are pre-configured with this unique ImageKey. This license keeps the user securely in control of both their IP and the programming process.

Restrict Image Use

In the Image Creation Utility, it is easy to select the protection restrictions for the image being created which sets limitations on when programming may be done and limit the number of programs (or programming failures) allowed.




Keep Programming Images Secure

This security setting allows the user to generate an RSA/AES encrypted image for production programming. Once created, it requires two different asymmetric keys to be decrypted. The first key is a user-generated RSA encryption Key that was specified when the programming image is generated and is held by the user. A second, native key, comes pre-installed in the Cyclone (and does not exist on the PC). This means that an encrypted image may (A) only be loaded onto a Cyclone which holds a copy of a user-generated Image key, and (B) be decrypted for programming while on a Cyclone which holds a copy of a user-generated Image key.

Encryption is Easy To Implement and Manage

There are three simple steps to using encrypted images:


1. The Cyclone Image Creation utility is used to generate an ImageKey.

Cyclone Image Configuration Utility - Choosing ImageKey for Encryption


2. The image key is selected, along with any Image restrictions, and the encrypted standalone programming image (eSAP) is generated.

Loading Encrypted Image onto Provisioned  Cyclone


Loading Encrypted Image onto Provisioned Cyclone

3. The Image (and image key) may be loaded onto a Cyclone FX or a Cyclone installed with the ProCryption Security License.

Provisioning Cyclone with ImageKey

Provisioning Cyclone with ImageKey

In just a few simple steps, that Cyclone will then seamlessly decrypt any programming images that were encrypted with the specified ImageKey and display them as available to program.

Note: Cyclone FX is preinstalled with the ProCryption Security license. This license upgrades the Cyclone to access the same security features.


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