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NuProg-E is a professional engineering tool that is innovated for programming mass flash storage with its speed and reliability, which is achieved by utilizing industry interface standard of interconnect layer specification, M-PHY, and Unipro from MIPI® Alliance. Together with built-in SuperSpeed® USB 3.0 for high-speed communication, it is an efficient tool for you to focus on application analysis and product development. 
NuProg-E programmer supports UFS (Universal Flash Storage), UMCP, eMMC, and eMCP which are widely used in mobile devices such as smartphones and tablet computers. Designed with complete functional software and user-friendly interface, it allows the engineer to configure UFS/UMCP‘s Descriptors, Attributes, Flags, LUN, and boot partition; In addition, it also provides access to eMMC/eMCP's User Area, Boot, RPMB, GPP, and Enhanced area. 

Data Transfer Speed is at 180MB/s max. The real read/write speed depends on various factors such as communication protocol, chip controller performance, and NAND technology, etc.



  • High speed programming
    • Built-in high-speed processor to achieve high programming speed 
  • Support UFS/UMCP and eMMC/eMCP programming
    • UFS part (v2.0/v2.1/v3.0)
      • Support Descriptors, Attributes, Flags Setting
      • Support LUN configured and advance setting
    • eMMC part
      • Support User Area, Boot1/2 Partition and Extend CSD
      • Support RPMB, GPP1~4, and Enhanced mode
  • Support all IC package Support standard package for UFS and eMMC, or special package for eMCP/UMCP. 
  • Regular software update
  • Palm-size and space-saving        Dimension:132 x 75 x 30 mm      Weight:104g 
  • Support USB2.0 and USB3.0 (using power adapter)
  • Support Windows7/8/8.1/10


Time Reference:

Test Data Size = 8G bytes


IC Type IC P/N Write Speed Read Speed



SDINDDH4-64G 86.2 MB/s 62 MB/s
KLUDG4U1EA-B0C1 83.6 MB/s 74.5 MB/s
H28U88301AMR 86.2 MB/s 74.5 MB/s
THGAF8G9T43BAIRB 81.9 MB/s 73.1 MB/s
eMMC MTFC32GAKAECN-3MWT 31.8 MB/s 27.3 MB/s
KLM8G1GETF-B041 32.6 MB/s 29.3 MB/s
SDINBDA4-32G 29 MB/s 24.2 MB/s



Further Informations:


Detail settings of extCSD/ RPMB



Detail Settings of desciptor/attributes/flags/RPMB




For engineers and expert to access advanced features for development repairing etc.  



Product Note Status Price
UFS Socket Board | N-UFS-050-FBGA153-115130-02O UFS Socket Board | N-UFS-050-FBGA153-115130-02O
275.00 € *
eMMC Socket Board | N-EMMC-050-FBGA153-115130-02D eMMC Socket Board | N-EMMC-050-FBGA153-115130-02D
310.00 € *
eMMC Socket Adapter | N-EMMC-050-FBGA153-110100-01D eMMC Socket Adapter | N-EMMC-050-FBGA153-110100-01D
399.00 € *
eMMC Socket Board | N-EMMC-100-FBGA100-140180-01O eMMC Socket Board | N-EMMC-100-FBGA100-140180-01O
449.00 € *
N-IN-Little Mount N-IN-Little Mount
69.00 € *
UFS Socket Board | N-UFS-065-BGA095-115130-02O UFS Socket Board | N-UFS-065-BGA095-115130-02O
329.00 € *

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