USB Power Delivery Test Kit

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All the tools you need to test and develop with USB PD

  • Testing of USB connections and transmissions
  • Acquisition, decoding and logging of current / voltage values ​​and PD traffic
  • Simultaneous testing of communication speed, data integrity and power supply





USB Power Delivery Protocol Analysis

By combining the USB Power Delivery Analyzer with the free Data Center ™ software, you can log, monitor and decode the power supply on the CC1 / CC2 pins (configuration channel), while at the same time the USB 2.0 and USB 3.1 (up to Gen2) Data line is used.



Test of the power supply capability of the USB host

Make sure the voltage readings stay within specification under heavy load. The Power Delivery Tester PM125 checks whether a USB host is able to deliver the specified maximum power without errors. The PM125 model supports PPS and the Quickcharge specifications.



Data integrity test and short circuit tests

With the USB 3.0 / 2.0 loopback connector you can measure the transmission speed and the voltage level. In connection with the PM125, the specified current, voltage drop and data integrity can be tested on a USB Type-C cable. The USB SOS device helps to identify faulty connections.






For development and troubleshooting

The USB Power Delivery Kit is the ideal solution for developing, debugging and checking USB Power Delivery connections and transmission. The USB Power Delivery Test Kit enables the acquisition, decoding and logging of the current / voltage values ​​and the PD traffic in real time. In addition, you can test the communication speed, the data integrity and the power supply of the USB connections in parallel.



3 software packages

The kit provides a comprehensive suite of tools for analyzing and testing USB Power Delivery

  • With the USBPDTest, users can check the power supply capability of USB port.
  • With the Total Phase Data Center, the data can be logged and decoded.
  • With the USB3Test application you can run data loopback and benchmark tests.






What's in the box?

  • (1x) USB Power Delivery Tester (PM125)
  • (1x) USB Power Delivery Analyzer (TP350110)
  • (1x) USB 3.0 / 2.0 loopback connector (PM065)
  • (1x) USB SOS short circuit tester (PM119)
  • (1x) 2 meter USB A to USB Micro-B cable
  • (1x) 20cm micro USB OTG adapter
  • (1x) 1 meter USB 2.0 cable
  • (1x) 1 m long USB B (male) to USB A (male) cable
  • (1x) 40 cm 5A E-marked Type C to Type C cable
  • (1x) 40 cm Type C to USB A cable
  • (1x) USB3 Micro B to USB3 A cable
  • Total Phase Data Center (free of charge on the manufacturer's website)
  • USBPDTest (free of charge on the manufacturer's website)
  • USB3Test (free of charge on the manufacturer's website)

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