Product no.: SDM3065X-SC

Siglent SDM3065X-SC digital multimeter (scanner card) has a sampling rate of 10000 Sa / s, a resolution of 6 1/2 digits, a memory depth of 10k

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Product no.: SDG-RMK

Rackmount kit , compatible with the SDG800, SDG1000 ,SDG1000X,SDG2000X,SDG5000 and SDG6000X series function generator and SDM3045X, SDM3055, SDM3065X.

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Product no.: SDM-PB

The Siglent SDM-PB is a pair of multimeter pin test leads (1000V).

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Product no.: USB-GPIB adapter

Converts GPIB communications to USB and Enables GPIB communications for some SIGLENT instrumentation.

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