Siglent SPA1010 Generator Power Amplifier

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With 1 Year Warranty

Typical Input Impedance: 15kΩ


+/- 6.5V Vpp (Gain: X1)

+/- 1.3 V (Gain: X10)

Gain: Switched 10V/1V and 10V/10V

Output Voltage: 25.4 Vpp

Output Current: 1.12 A

Slew Rate: ≥ 90 V/μs

Overshoot: ≤ 4%.

Compatible with all SIGLENT SDG series generators.

Click here to view the SPA1010 User’s Guide


Product Note Status Price
Siglent SDG1032X Siglent SDG1032X
289.00 € *
Siglent SDG1062X Siglent SDG1062X
369.00 € *
Siglent SDG2042X Siglent SDG2042X
475.00 € *

Product data sheet

Siglent SDG2082X Siglent SDG2082X
589.00 € *
Siglent SDG2122X Siglent SDG2122X
855.00 € *

Product data sheet

Siglent SDG6022X Siglent SDG6022X
1,309.00 € *
Siglent SDG6032X Siglent SDG6032X
2,959.00 € *
Siglent SDG6052X Siglent SDG6052X
4,619.00 € *
Siglent SDG810 Siglent SDG810
289.00 € *

Product data sheet

Siglent SDG830 Siglent SDG830
289.00 € *

Product data sheet


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