StarProg-A Universal On Board (ICP/ISP) Programmer

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StarProg-A programmer for automation

The StarProg-A from Dediprog supports MCU, CPLD, SPI NOR Flash, SPI NAND Flash and EEPROM On Board Programming (ICP / ISP). It is optimized for the integration of automated machines and can easily be used in development and mass production.



Model Name SF100 SF600 SF600 Plus SF700 K110 StarProg-A StarProg-U NuProg-E2
Support IC Types SPI NOR Flash SPI NOR Flash SPI Flash NOR SPI NOR, SPI NAND and SPI Octa NOr SPI NOR, SPI NAND, and EEPROM MCU, CPLD, SPI NOR Flash, SPI NAND Flash, and EEPROM All IC Types (Except for UFS) UFS (Upt to 180 MB/s) eMMC (Up to 100 MB/s)
Socket Site

Bottom Board

One site
Standalone X X
Software SF Software Dediware
3rd Party Integration CLI ATE Port, CLI ATE Port, CLI, DLL API (Optonal) CLI X

*CLI = Command Line

*OBP = On Board Programming (ISP/ICP)


Starprog-A Highlights

  • Supports 1.2 V ultra low voltage IC and 1.8 V low voltage IC
  • Supports different types of ISP protocols
    • SWD, JTAG, SPI, I2C, BDM, UART and SWIM ... etc.
  • Support different IC families
    • MCU, CPLD, SPI NOR Flash, SPI NAND Flash and EEPROM.
  • Supports a wide range of file formats
    • Binary, Intel Hex, Motorola and ROM ... etc.
  • Supports standalone mode
    • Can program without connecting to a computer.

Other features

  • Palm size
  • Command line, Labview driver and DLL API (support for serialization and unique key programming) for the new development and integration are available.

Optimized for automated machines

1. Start the quick self-test.
2. Signal improvements allow much longer signal cable lengths for integration.
3. Software voltage and frequency control can stabilize the programming signal.
4. The ATE port in the ISP adapter provides the remote control via the Busy / Pass / Error and Start pins.
5. Various standard adapters are available. Programmable ICs can be programmed online, offline or independently and can quickly clarify and eliminate the production problems.
6. Help multiple programmers program ICs (same file).


Pin header mapping
Pin lin1 Pin number Pin lin2
Vpp 1 2 Vcc
Vpp_ref 3 4 Vcc_ref
3.3V 5 6 GND
IO1 7 8 IO2
IO3 9 10 IO4
IO5 11 12 IO6
IO7 13 14 IO8
GPIO1 15 16 GPIO2
GPIO3 17 18 GPIO4
GND 19 20 GND


Pin lin1 Pin number Pin lin2
NC 1 2 3.3V
Busy 3 4 GND
Pass 5 6 NC
Start 7 8 NC
Fail 9 10 NC







Product Note Status Price
StarProg-A Universal Board (Standard) StarProg-A Universal Board (Standard)
104.00 € *
20-Pin ISP Split Cable (2.54mm) 20-Pin ISP Split Cable (2.54mm)
26.00 € *
10-Pin ATE Port Split Cable (2.54mm) 10-Pin ATE Port Split Cable (2.54mm)
25.00 € *

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