Micsig TO2004 Tablet Oscillocope

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TO Series Model Overview


Osciloscope Model TO3004  TO2004  TO1004
Bandwidth 300MHz 200MHz 100MHz
Analog channel 4 4 4
Rise Time ≤1.16ns ≤1.75ns ≤3.5ns
Max. Sampling Rate 2GSa/S 2GSa/S 1GSa/S
Max. Memory Depth 220Mpts 220Mpts 110Mpts
Input sensitivity range  1mV/div ~ 10V/div (1MΩ);1mV/div ~ 10V/div (50Ω) 1mV/div ~ 10V/div
Bandwith Filter 20MHz、High Pass / Low Pass (to 30Hz) 20MHz、High Pass / Low Pass (to 30KHz)
Segmented Storage Support,capture max 10,000 waveform events Not Support
Input impedance 1MΩ/50Ω 1MΩ
Timebase range 1ns/div ~ 1Ks/div
Trigger types Edge、Pulse Width、Logic、Nth Edge、Runt、Slope,、Time Out,、Video
Advanced Math Sqrt()、 Abs()、Deg()、 Rad()、Exp()、Diff()、ln()、Sine()、Cos()、Tan()、 Intg()、 Log()、arcsin()、arccos()、arctan()
Interfaces Wi-Fi、USB 3.0/2.0 Host、USB tpe-C、Grounding、HDMI、Trigger out
Storage 32GB
Display 10.1 Inch LCD capacitive touch display,1280*800 resolution,11*10 grids
Battery 7.4V、7500mAh Li-Ion battery
Size/Net weight 265*192*50mm / 1.9kg(with battery)



TO2004 Smart Tablet Oscilloscope



The TO2004 is an oscilloscope from the Miscig TO series, an innovative oscilloscope series that can be operated purely by touch. An adapted version of Android is used as the operating system, which means that the device has a high level of system compatibility. In combination with battery operation and the touch screen, the TO2004 oscilloscope is ideal for mobile use as well as for use as a desktop oscilloscope. The TO2004 features a sample rate of up to 220 Mpts memory depth, 4 channels, 200 MHz bandwidth and 2 GSa/s sample rate. In addition, it has a touch LCD display with a resolution of 1280 * 800 pixels, which supports multi-touch operation.

The touch operation of the Micsig TO2004 is intuitive. This simple operation is of course indispensable for users of smartphones and tablets today, but it is new and innovative for an oscilloscope.

Due to the digital trigger system, the trigger jitter is very low and the triggering is highly precise. In addition, the oscilloscope supports serial bus triggers and bus decoding.





Features of TO2004 Oscilloscope

  • compact oscilloscope with 4 channels
  • Bandwidth 200MHz
  • 2 GS/s real-time sample rate.
  • Android operating system
  • Replaceable battery
  • Up to 220 Mpts memory depth.
  • 8"/20.3 cm industrial LCD, 1280x800 resolution, multipoint capacitive touchscreen.
  • Interfaces: Wi-Fi, USB 3.0/2.0 Host, USB Type-C, HDMI, Trigger Out, Ground
  • Connection for probe calibration.
  • Supports bus triggers and decoding: UART, I²C, SPI, CAN, LIN.
  • PC software, iOS and Android mobile app to control the oscilloscope remotely.
  • Built-in 32GB memory for waveform and video recording.
  • 7500mAh lithium battery, battery life up to 5 hours.
  • Screen sharing via WiFi, USB and HDMI











software keyboard

Software keyboard for the usual fast input with smart devices.



Android System

The TO1000 offers the world's first Android-based oscilloscope operating system



32 GB storage capacity

Built-in 32 GB memory & intuitive file management system.




31 Automatic Measurements

All 31 automatic measurements can be performed with a tap of a finger.



Bandwidth filter

The high-pass/low-pass filter function helps engineers exclude insignificant frequencies to eliminate interference and observe the true state of the signal.



Channel label

When measuring on multiple channels, users can use different labels for different sources for easier analysis and reading.





Delivery Content

Enthaltene Komponenten
1x Smart Tablet Oscilloscope TO2004
1x Power Adapter & Cable
2x passive probes (200 MHz)
1x Battery (7500 mAh)
1x Carrying strap
1x Screen protector









TO2004 Datasheet

Download Datasheet

26. October



TO2004 User Manual

Download User Manual

26. October




CAN Dekodierung mit dem TO2004




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