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eSPI Analysis Application

Including Promira universal platform

Promira is a universal hardware platform usable for a solution of applications for I2C, SPI and eSPI, which is made possible by the activation of the software.


The Enhanced Serial Peripheral Interface (“eSPI”), which was first published by Intel in June 2013, was developed as a replacement for the LPC bus (Low Pin Count). eSPI supports communication between Embedded Controller (EC), Baseboard Management Controller (BMC), Super-I / O (SIO) and Port 80 debug cards. eSPI was available in the Sky Lake chipset (2015) and is available in the Kaby Lake chipset [current] as well as Cannonlake and Icelake.

Prior to this specification, the embedded controller (EC), baseboard management controller (BMC) and super I / O (SIO) were connected to the chipset via the LPC bus (low pin count).


The Total Phase eSPI analysis application is the first eSPI monitor in the industry.

With this application you can monitor the eSPI communication between several eSPI devices:

  • Monitor the communication between a master and slaves on data lines
  • Support for single, dual and quad I / O.
  • Support for clock rates up to 66MHz
  • Monitor up to 5 channels (peripheral, virtual cable, OOB, Flash, Independent)
  • Monitor up to 2 slave select lines
  • Monitor 2 alarm lines
  • Monitor 2 reset lines
  • Match triggers, hardware filters and statistics

In conjunction with our Data Center ™ software, you can collect and display eSPI bus data in real time via the Promira Serial Platform. The eSPI analysis application offers the industry's only protocol analysis software with real-time performance and cross-platform support for Windows, Linux and Mac OS X.
While eSPI uses the physical interface developed for SPI, including the master multi-slave topology and data sampling rules related to the clock, the similarity ends there!





Figure 1: SPI bus: single master and single slave (image from Enhanced Serial Peripheral Interface (eSPI))


Different eSPI going beyond a transaction layer that follows a packet-based protocol. The data center is a tool for the acquisition and display of visualization with which you can use your eSPI development functions.

For more information on the eSPI specification, visit the Intel website.

In addition to the non-intrusive perception of eSPI North overall phase, active eSPI sample files. These commitments are available for all Promira platform devices that are SPI Active - Level 1 application, SPI Active - Level 2 application or SPI Active - Level 3 application. Performance (I / O compatibility and clock speed) became your licensed SPI Active performance level. The functions for active eSPI tests are not available for Promira Serial Platform devices without licensed SPI Active Applications.


PC Requirements & Supported Operating Systems (32-bit and 64-bit)

  • Windows: 7, 8, 8.1, 10
  • Linux: Red Hat, Ubuntu, Fedora, SuSE
  • Mac OS X: 10.7-10.14
  • Web Browser with HTML5 compatibility (Firefox, Chrome, Edge, etc.)

The eSPI Analysis Application is a download that runs on your Promira Serial Platform unit.  Once you have purchased a Promira Serial Platform, you'll be able to instantly download and add new applications as they become available.

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