TySOM-2 Embedded Prototyping Board

Product no.: TySOM-2
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TySOM-2 is a compact prototyping board that is produced with XC7Z100 chip - the largest capacity among Zynq 7000 family devices.

It is designed to assure maximum flexibility in selecting peripherals due to leveraging the largest chip package (FFG900) with 362 I/O and 16 GTX transceivers and providing two FMC-HPC connectors that enable use of expansion daughter cards. Standard peripherals like DDR3 RAM, USB and HDMI required by ARM CPU Processing System are contained in that board so the Linux OS or another Real Time Operating System (RTOS) can be booted out of the box without any additional hardware components. The OS and software executed by ARM Cortex CPU have 1GB of DDR3 RAM for their disposal and can use up to 32GB of SSD storage in Micro-SD card.

Communication and networking is enabled by the Gigabit Ethernet PHY with RJ45 connector and standard peripherals can be attached to the USB 2.0 Hub that provides 4 USB ports. There is also a HDMI codec on the board to connect this TySOM mini computer to a standard monitor. Most of the FPGA I/O ports are routed to two FMC-HPC sockets providing total of 288 I/Os and 16 GTX lines. Thus, additional devices can be connected as FMC Daughter Cards that are provided by Aldec and other vendors.

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