USB 3.0/2.0 Loopback Plug

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USB Development- & Testkit

Our USB Development & Debug Kit is the optimal solution to develop, debug and test USB transmissions, USB designs and connections. 
Customize the kit according to your development & test requirements.


The only real USB 3.0/2.0 loopback adapter on the market


These test plugs are unique!

You do not need an external power supply or a connection to another connection on a PC. Each connector has its own serial number, which is stored in the EPROM on the connector, so that they can be identified individually when multiple connectors are connected.

Each connector also contains its own CPU and executes its own firmware.

The loopback connector is also compatible with USB Type C.




Fast visual display on board

  • By simply plugging in the loopback plug, you can quickly check whether the USB port is properly supplied with power.
  • Measure the voltage of the USB port as shown on the LCD screen.
  • The red, green and yellow LEDs on the device quickly visually indicate the I / O activity and the USB bus is supplied with power.

Improve the troubleshooting and diagnostic ability of computer technicians and system integrators who previously had no way to confirm the actual output of the USB port.

Can also be used to test USB hubs with their own power supply.





Depth measurements

In conjunction with Passmark's free USB3Test application (Windows), you can perform data loopback and benchmark tests.

In the benchmark mode, the device can reach the maximum transfer speed of USB3.0 (5Gbit / sec).








Benchmark data transmission

  • Check the data that can be received and sent by the port.
  • Check the USB error rate and the transfer speed (up to 5Gbit / sec) in Windows.
  • Benchmark test of your PC USB port
  • Check whether your PC port is capable of Super Speed ​​5Gbits / sec (USB 3.0), High-Speed ​​480Mbits / sec (USB2.0) or Full-Speed ​​12Mbits / sec (USB 1.x).





Make sure that the system remains stable under long load periods. Up to 10 of these USB test plugs can be connected to a PC at the same time to ensure that free USB connections are available on the PC or on a downstream hub and that sufficient power is available. Can be used in conjunction with the USB Power Delivery Tester to test the electrical load






USB security check

Detect USB charging stations with juice lifters
The USB 3.0 test plug of the passmark via counting attempts and USB charging connections
In this way, ports can be used to determine which ports are stupid chargers and which ports are valuable.





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