USB Power Delivery Analyzer

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USB Development- & Testkit

Our USB Development & Debug Kit is the optimal solution to develop, debug and test USB transmissions, USB designs and connections. 
Customize the kit according to your development & test requirements.


The USB Type-C connector and Power Delivery (PD) 3.0 are the two most impactful developments in USB technology in many years. These developments are revolutionary: the Type-C connector has a much smaller footprint, reversible architecture, support for higher speed communications, more power, and alternate protocols.

PD 3.0 takes advantage of this new connector and further expands USB’s appeal by enabling the delivery of power and data in more flexible ways. The new features build upon the strong foundation of prior generations of USB technology and allow the superior communications to be combined with high power, video and more.

The combination of our USB Power Delivery Analyzer with the free Data Center™ Software enables you to monitor and decode Power Delivery protocol traffic on the CC1/CC2 (configuration channel) pins while concurrently passing through USB 2.0 and USB 3.1 (up to Gen2) data lines. A free future software upgrade will enable monitoring and logging of VBUS and VCONN voltage and current, displayed and correlated with the PD data itself.

Fast simple and portable, this is the most streamlined solution to test and debug your USB Power Delivery sources and sinks.




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