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Chip support

On the page below you can quickly and easily check whether we support your chip. Please use both forms and enter the short part number of your chip. If you could not find your chip, please send us a request using the request form.

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Register requirement

Register your test needs in order to receive an offer with price information as well as information on the processing time. Please provide the number of chips, all chip types to be programmed and the file to be programmed as well as your contact information.

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If you want to program chips only sporadically, e.g. because a motherboard update failed or your product is to be equipped with the latest firmware version, the purchase of your own programming equipment is not necessarily worthwhile. In these cases our programming service can help you further, programming the chips with the latest professional equipment according to your wishes. With our equipment, we are able to perform both "in circuit" and "socket" programming.



Which chips can be programmed?

Supported Chip types
EEPROM eMMC eMCP Microcontroller
Supported Package types


What is needed for our programming service?

  • Please send us the file to be programmed via e-mail attachment to
  • Please send us your existing chip and state the complete designation (e.g. W29C020C-90). Please be sure to follow the instructions below: We package all chips safely from static charges and mechanical stresses in special electrically conductive foams or chip sticks. If you don't have these packaging materials at hand, please pack the chip as follows:

DIP package form: wrap a piece of styrofoam in aluminum foil and put the pins of the chip into it. Wrap the whole thing again with a layer of aluminum foil. Please never put a chip directly into styrofoam, but always wrap the styrofoam with aluminum foil first.

PLCC package form: Wrap the chip in several layers of aluminum foil.


How long does it take to process?

After we have the chip (including matching adapter if necessary) and the data to be programmed and after any special settings that need to be known for programming are clarified, we can program the chips. You should expect a delivery time of 2-3 business days after programming.



What guarantees are offered?

We assure you the correct programming of the chip with the provided data. In the case of incorrect files, chips or incorrect information provided by you, no warranty can be given. A return of chips burned especially for you is not possible.



What is the procedure?

First of all, please make an inquiry using the following form. After receiving the required information you will receive an individual offer from us.
After receiving your chip and the programming file, we will process your order as quickly as possible and then send you the finished programmed chip.

You can register your need here.