Protototyping Board ACT-RTSXi-CQ256

Product no.: ACT-RTSXi-CQ256
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The Aldec solutions for RTSX-SU/SX-A adapter boards consists of MB board with ProASIC3E chip stacked with power daughter board. The power DB ensure full compatibility with RTAX's powering systems. Thanks to the level shifters used on board, the adapter is able to meet all RTSX IO standards. The compatible footprint and size allow to assembly the adapter on the target board directly in RTAX’s place.


Key Features

  • Supported FPGA's:
    • RTSX32SU-CQ256
    • RTSX72SU-CQ256
    • RT54SX32S-CQ256
    • RT54SX72S-CQ256
    • A54SX32A-CQ256
    • A54SX72A-CQ256
  • On board FPGA: A3PE600-2FGG484i
  • Capacity: 600 000 System Gates
  • Adaptor size: 37mm x 37mm
  • Supplied from target board via CQ208 and power daughter board
  • Configuration via JTAG connector placed on power DB
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