FMC-NVMe High-Bandwidth, Low Latency Memory Expansion Card

Product no.: FMC-NVMe
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FMC-NVMe expansion daughter card provides four NVMe interfaces (two on top and two on bottom side of the board).

The SSD NVMe cards can be connected using the standard M.2 connectors. This board delivers high-bandwidth, low-latency data storage features that is highly required in applications such as High Performance Computing (HPC), High Frequency trading (HFT), machine learning, data centers and any application with fast R/W to high-bandwidth memory requirement. All NVMe Interfaces are connected to Microsemi PM8532 PCIe Switch. This chip provides a connection to carrier card via PCIe x8 GEN3 interface using standard FMC connector. Microsemi programmable PCIe switch PM8532 allows connecting four NVMe Interfaces via PCIe x4 GEN3 and other FMC-NVMe cards in the stack.

This daughter card supports board stacking feature up to seven boards which is up to 28 NVMe drives to one FMC connector on the carrier card. The FMC-NVMe daughter card is designed based on Vita 57.1 standard and is supported by Aldec TySOM™ embedded development cards and HES™ prototyping boards. 

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