HT3544 Precision Resistance Tester Series

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Resistance tester series HT3544

The HT3544 precision DC resistance tester is one of the most precise DC resistance testers in the industry. The HT3544 DC resistance tester has a 3.5 inch display and has a measuring range of 3mΩ to 3 MΩ. Due to the minimum resolution of 0.1 μΩ and a measurement accuracy of 0.02%, the resistance tester is well suited for inspecting converter motors and other applications that require high-resolution resistance measurement. Equipped with RS232 / RS485 / LAN interfaces and EXT I / O port, the devices of the HT3544 resistance tester series are suitable for performing automatic tests in test or production lines.




Main features of the HT3544 series

  • Tabletop device HT3544 with compact structure
  • Offers 0.02% measurement accuracy, 0.1μΩ minimum resolution, 1A maximum test current
  • Measurable range 0.1μΩ ~ 3.3MΩ.
  • The anti-interference measurement is achieved by protecting the probe used by the port and increasing the test current.
  • Using the sorting display (option) with a loud volume, it can be precisely assessed whether it is qualified at the production site or not.
  • Anti-interference design suitable for complex use in electromagnetic field environments
  • Fast and high-precision testing, extensive interfaces
  • Equipped with RS232 / RS485 / LAN interfaces and EXT I / O port
  • Comprehensive interface configuration easy for system integration





Areas of application of the HT3544 series

The devices of the HT3544 series have a wide range of fields of application. Various resistances with high, medium and low values, various switch contact resistances, connection resistances, relay cable packages, contact resistances, transformers, inductors, motors, winding resistances of a deflection coil, wire resistances and more can be measured.



Other Applica





Measurement of cable resistance




Measurement of motor resistance



Electr. components

Measurement of resistance of electronic components




Measuring sensor resistances






Model overview of the HT3544 series

Model HT3544 HT3544-12H HT3544-24H
Channels 1 12 24
Display 8,9cm TFT-LCD Display
Measurement parameters ESR | temperature
Basic accuracy 0.1% ± 10 measured value (3mΩ, 30mΩ, 3MΩ); 0.05% ± 4 measured values; 0.02% ± 2 readings (the other ranges)
Measuring range 3mΩ / 30mΩ / 300mΩ / 3Ω / 30Ω / 300Ω / 3kΩ / 30kΩ / 300kΩ / 3MΩ
Measuring speed Fast Mode (50 Hz: 21 ms, 60 Hz: 18 ms) | Slow Mode (200 ms)
Maximum test current DC 1A | Max 5,5 V
temperature Range -10 ° C ~ 60 ° C | Accuracy ± 1 ° C
correction Short circuit reset
Comparator HIGN/IN/LOW Sortierung, 10 Bin-Out
Trigger modes Internal / external / manual trigger
Internal data storage Support with PC software and storage in the PC
Signal source AC 1kHz | Test current: <150mA
resolution 0,1μΩ
More functions Temperature correction, line frequency setting
Interfaces Externe E/A, LAN, RS232
Power (max) 10W
Power supply Voltage: 100VAC ~ 256VAC | Frequency: 50Hz ~ 60Hz;
Dimensions & weight 325mm (L) x 215mm (W) x 96.5mm (D) | 2 kg




Areas of application of the multi-channel models

HT3544 multi-channel resistance tester is special for measurement of three-phase motor coil; inspection of connectors and wiring harness; inspection of relay contacts; inspection of welded parts of battery terminals



Multi-channel models HT3544-12H / -24H



  • HT3544 multi-channel resistance tester is able to work in a single-channel test and multi-channel test
  • It has two-wire and four-wire switchable modes.
  • Each two-wire single-card can test maximum 24-channel and four-wire single-card can test maximum 12-channel 
  • two-wire dual-card can test maximum 48-channel, four-wire dual-card can test maximum 24 -channel
  • Support multi-channel test, up to 24 test points via four terminals
  • Rich interface for automation equipment
  • Unique 300mA current test
  • With automatic test function
  • HT3544-12/24H can guarantee test accuracy
  • Measure range of 0.1uΩ~3.3MΩ, 0.02% basic accuracy






Delivery Content

Included Components
1x resistance tester of the series HT3544
1x Power Cord
1x Test Cable
1x RS232 Cable
1x User Manual
1x certificate of calibration and testing









HT3544 Datasheet

Download Datenblatt

30. June



HT3544 User Manual

Download User Manual

30. June


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