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SDG830 Waveform Generator

3 Years Warranty

SDG800 Series Function/Arbitrary Waveform Generator is equipped with maximum output frequency of 5 MHZ, 10 MHZ, 30 MHZ, and 125 MSa/s sampling rate. With the new innovated EasyPulse technology, SDG800 can generate pulse of low jitter, quick rising/falling edge regardless of frequency effect, while the duty cycle, edge and pulse width could be widely and accurately adjusted. SDG800 is much superior in performance to similar DDS signal generator


Model SDG805 SDG810 SDG830
Max. Frequency (Sinus) 5MHz 10MHz 30MHz
Output Channels 1 1 1
Max. Sampling Rate 125 MSa/S 125 MSa/S 125 MSa/S
Wave length 16 kpts 16 kpts 16  kpts
Frequency resolution 1 μHz 1 μHz 1 μHz
Vertical resolution 14 bits 14 bits 14 bits
Waveform Sine、Square、Ramp、Pulse、Gaussian white noise、Arbitrary waveform,46 types of built-in arbitrary waveforms
Sine Wave 1μHz ~ 5MHz 1μHz ~ 10MHz 1μHz ~ 30MHz
Gaussian white noise >5MHz
Arbitrary waveform 1μHz ~ 5MHz 1μHz ~ 5MHz 1μHz ~ 5MHz
Modulation function AM、FM、PM、DSB-AM、FSK、ASK、PWM、Sweep、Burst
Standard configuration
USB Host & USB Device
Amplitude (High resistence)
4mVpp~20Vpp(≤10MHz), 4mVpp~10Vpp(>10MHz)
Square wave 1μHz ~ 5MHz 1μHz ~ 10MHz 1μHz ~ 10MHz
500μHz ~ 5MHz
1μHz ~ 300KHz


Accessoires included:

  • Quickstartguide
  • USB Cable
  • 220V AC EU power cord ( unit is 220V and 110V selectable )
  • CD inlcuding Software / manual (Windows XP, Vista, 7)


Product Note Status Price
Siglent SDG-RMK Siglent SDG-RMK
125.00 € *
Siglent SPA1010 Generator Power Amplifier Siglent SPA1010 Generator Power Amplifier
359.00 € *
Siglent USB-GPIB Adapter Siglent USB-GPIB Adapter
123.00 € *

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