eMMC & UFS Programming Solution

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Dediprog NuProg-E2 Universal Programmer

Product no.: NuProg-E2

NuProg-E2 is an universal engineering programmer. Widely supports most IC types on the market, UFS, eMMC, MCU, CPLD, FPGA, SPI NOR, SPI NAND, Parallel NOR, Parallel NAND and EEPROM, etc.

995.00 *
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Dediprog NuProgPlus-U16 Universal Gang Programmer

Product no.: NuProgPlus-U16

USB3.1 powerful universal programmer, support EEPROM, Flash, MCU, eMMC, UFS, PCI-E SSD and CANbus devices. 

8,100.00 *
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can be shipped within 5-10 days

NuProg-E UFS / eMMC Programmer

Product no.: NuProg-E

The NuProg-E programmer supports UFS, UMCP, eMMC and eMCP, which are widely used in mobile devices such as smartphones and tablet computers.

980.00 *

UFSProg-CS UFS IC Reader Board

Product no.: UFSProg-CS

UFSProg Series is a professional reader tool to read and write data in each LUN of UFS IC.

629.00 *

UFSProg-CS2 UFS IC Reader

Product no.: UFSProg-CS2

UFSProg-CS2 is a professional reader to read and write data in each LUN of UFS IC. 

1,099.00 *

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