SMBus Protocol Exerciser and Analyzer

Product no.: PGY-SMBus-EX-PD
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SMBUS Exerciser & Protocol Analyzer

The SMBus Protocol Analyzer & Exerciser (PGY-SMBus-EX-PD) offers many functions for capturing and debugging the communication between the host and the tested design. The PGY-SMBus-EX-PD enables the respective SMBus designs to be tested for their specifications, whereby the PGY-SMBus-EX-PD is configured as master / slave, the SMBus traffic protocol is generated and SMBus data packets are decoded. SM-Bus serial bus interfaces are often used for voltage and temperature monitoring of the system.




Key Features

  • Supports SMBus 3.4 Mbit / s speed
  • Possibility to configure as master or slave
  • Simultaneous SMBus traffic generation and protocol decoding
  • Error Injection ACK / NACK error
  • Variable SMBus data speeds and duty cycles
  • Continuous streaming of log data to the host computer to provide a large buffer
  • Timing diagram of the protocol decoded bus
  • Log activity list view
  • Error analysis during protocol decoding
  • Ability to write a practice script to combine the generation of multiple data frames with different data rates
  • USB 2.0 / 3.0 host computer interface
  • API support for automation in Python or C ++










Multi Domain View

Multi-Domain View provides the full view of SMBus protocol activity in a single GUI. The user can set up the analyzer to generate SMBus traffic using a GUI or script. The user can record the protocol activity on a selected event and decode the transition between master and slave. The decoded results can be displayed in the timing diagram and in the protocol list window with autocorrelation.








Exerciser Function


The PGY-SMBus-EX-PD supports the generation of SMBus data traffic via GUI or script. The user can use the GUI to generate a simple traffic generation to test the DUT. The scripted GUI provides flexibility to emulate all expected traffic, including fault injections. In this example script, the user can generate SMBus traffic as follows:

Script line #4: Set system Frequency 1MHz, Duty cycle to 50%, clk to data delay to 0ns, system inter message gap to 0us

Script line #6: SendByte

Script line #7: WriteByte

Script line #8: ReadByte








Timing Diagram and Protocol Listing View

The timing view offers the representation of SCL and SDA signals with a bus diagram. Overlaying protocol bits on the digital time waveform makes it easier to debug protocol-decoded data. Cursor and zoom functions make it easy to analyze the protocol for timing errors in the timing diagram.

The log window provides the decoded packet information in each state and all the packet details with error information in the packet. The selected frame in the protocol list window is automatically correlated in the timing view to show the timing information of the packet.




Powerful-Trigger-CapabilitiesPowerful trigger functions


PGY-SMBus-EX-PD supports Auto, simple and advanced trigger capabilities. Analyzer can trigger on any of the SMBus Protocol packets. Advanced Trigger provides the flexibility to monitor Multiple trigger conditions and can set multiple state trigger machine.






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