Micsig RCP500 current probe

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The Micsig RCP500 current probe offers a measurable range in AC current from 200mA to 500A and a bandwidth from 15 Hz to 300 KHz. Thanks to the Rogowski coil design, the flexible loop can be easily wrapped around a cable, allowing measurements in hard-to-reach places. The RCP500 has an accuracy of 1% and noise of less than 2mV.  The compact design makes the RCP500 current probe ideal for mobile use and can be used on Micsig oscilloscopes without an external power supply via the UPI multifunction interface.

When used with any other manufacturer's oscilloscope, a universal adapter (PA05) is included to provide power to the probe via an ordinary 5V USB output. The AC current clamps can measure current signals with complex waveforms, such as transient inrush currents of power devices, sinusoidal currents of three-phase power systems, harmonic components of measured currents, current measurement of IGBTs and MOSFETs, etc.



Model RCP500
Bandwidth 15 Hz - 300 KHz
Measuring range 200 mA - 500 A
Output Powered BNC / External BNC
Output sensitivity 10 mV/A
Accuracy 1%
Phase accuracy ≤0,8° (45Hz-66Hz)    
Temperature coefficient Operating temperature. Range + 0.05 × accuracy specification /℃ (23℃±5℃)
Position accuracy of the conductor Within ±1% (deviation from the center)
Influence of external magnetic fields 1.5% fs or less (400 A/m, 50 Hz/60 Hz)
Offset voltage ±1mV or lower
Maximum voltage AC 10 kV RMS (1 minute), (50 Hz/60 Hz) (Rogowski coil part only)
Output impedance High resistance 
Output noise <2mv rms     
Diameter of the conductor to be tested ≤Φ50mm    
Power supply DC current 5V
Cable length from coil to intergrator 2m (configurable)
Integrator dimensions 37*22*82mm   
Inner diameter of Rogowski coil 50 mm (customizable) 
Rogowski coil thickness Ca. Ø6mm  
Operating temperature -20 - 70℃   
Storage temperature -30℃ - 70℃   



1x RCP500 Current Probe

1x USB Cable



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